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Dec 21

You what?

I Caught SantaSo I recently watched a Christmas episode of Family Guy. It was pretty weird. Brian and Stewie wound up delivering gifts to the good girls and boys of the world because Santa was too overworked to do it himself.  They wound up goofing the whole thing because, as it turns out, delivering presents to nearly 4 billion (according to Apple) kids is hard. Of course, the family who woke up to Brian and Stewie were less than thrilled to see them there..

However, if you have kids they might enjoy the service provided by This website allows you to upload a photo and add Santa so you can print — or digitally share — proof that he visited your house. If the standard bite-out-of-a-cookie trick doesn’t do it for you or, if you just want to try something new this Christmas. The website will do one photo for around $10 and you can purchase a photo and video pack for $25. You can also purchase gift cards to the site for your loved ones, if you don’t have kids.

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