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Feb 11

You put your left foot in

This is not a post about the Hokey Pokey, I swear. It’s actually a post about socks!

I like socks; they keep my feet warm and dry. I don’t just like any socks. I’m not much for toe socks or tall socks (except for the occasional pair of knee-highs which work well under boots) and would certainly never wear a pair of slouching socks. I like quarter socks (taller than ankle but not as long as crew) just any quarter sock: long quarter socks! Most are too short. I don’t like my ankles to be cold.

I like my quarter socks to be white. All white. No colours. No logos or words. None of the coloured toe or heel crap. I want white quarter sucks.

Fluffy, why quarter socks.

Actually, this doesn’t sound like that much of a desire, does it? It sounds like what the basic sock should be. Except, I haven’t been able to find socks like these for years. I had to resort to socks with words, too-low socks, and socks that wouldn’t know fluffy if it knocked them along side their heads (which fluffy cannot do and socks do not have, or so I am told)!

I’ve searched all over. Typical stores like Wal-mart, the BX, online mass sellers like Amazon, Japanese stores like The Mighty Soxer and specialty stores like Sock Dreams and even Ebay – all to no avail.

I settled for some of the socks-that-don’t-know-fluffy for a while until.. The other day, while grocery shopping for things like bread and chicken and milk but most certainly not socks, I found it! The holy grail of socks. Long quarter, white and fluffy, an afterthought of the grocery store. And there they were, waiting for me. Now, they are mine.

As you can imagine, if finding the perfect sock is this hard for me, how difficult must it be for me to shop for things of more consequence?

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