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Oct 29

Wouldn’t you know

Monday was a very weird day. It started off not too bad with some episodes of Stargate and then Ryan received a call that one his troops has fucked up so he jumped in the shower and ran to base after being screamed on the phone. Of course, it wasn’t his troop. It was someone else with the same name who is now his troop and Ryan basically wasted a trip. Bah!

We spent the day doing a little shopping, including brand new bras for me, and grabbed dinner at the mall and ended up with a trip to Wal-mart for some necessities. We returned to a hot apartment as our electricity had partially shut off while we were gone and I hopped on the phone with the answering service who told us to check the breaker box, which we did, and flip the switches for the living room (where the electricity had been off) which we couldn’t find. OF course, after I hung up Ryan found the switch and I had to call them back to say never mind.

If only it ended there. I went to turn on my computer to find that it didn’t work and assumed it was the power supply because I’ve had the same problem before. Unfortunately it was too late to call anyone so I waited until yesterday where I made like 4 calls to Best Buy before someone answered and gave me a ridiculous price. We also talked to someone else who quoted a better rate but wouldn’t have been able to do it the same day so we went a little out of our way to a great shop that was sort of hidden away and were greeted by an extremely helpful chap who even gave us some free service. We took the time to browse their shop as well which had a variety of used and new computers and accessories for some damned good prices so Ryan is now considering getting a laptop from there.

Although it all turned out okay, it was a harrowing experience. I was very worried of having additional damage done to the computer so I’m very grateful that it wasn’t. Of course, I am not impressed with our electricity which has already gone out twice since we moved in. Ick.

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