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Oct 12

Worthy Sites

I have found some really neat sites today

First off is This site has set some standards for websites in order to make them decent in all browsers, resolutions etc.. It’s quite nice and the guy has a sense of humour that I love.. It also has some awesome links to things you can use to make your site er less bad. -lol*

A link from that site was Dr. HTML You can run a page through DR HTML and it will check spelling, font errors, browser support, Document Structure, links, images, Meta Tags, tables, forms, HTML format, frames, cookies, and more!

But the coolest site EVAR -w* has got to be You can submit a url, or a starting url and indicate how many pages deep it goes and it will take screenshots of your site with different browser including: ie, netscape, mozilla, safari, aol, opera, and konqueror. i’m happy to say my site works more or less perfect with all of these.

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