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Sep 25


I am not one who most people would describe as “short on words”. I usually have something to say about this, about that. Sometimes it’s not nice. Sometimes it’s reasonable. Often it’s still but I am (some type of) communicator and I do it frequently which is probably why I have (technically) 5 blogs and most of them I manage to update frequently (my apologies to anyone who follows Weekly Wrapup, haha).

However, I rarely think in poetry, the way I used to. This must be pretty obvious by the way that Lyrical Musings has been pushed to the back burner. If it were a notebook it’d probably be one at the bottom of the drawer or shoved to the back of the desk, covered in dust. Why is it that I can easily write about not writing but I can’t actually write?

Unless it’s something like 2 in the morning and I’m lying in bed and I can’t sleep for the life of me and I begin to formulate something in my mind and I know that, if I don’t get it down right now, I will forget it and forever regret it. Truthfully, I would. So I wrote it down and today I typed it up and now there’s a new entry on Lyrical Musings (and, even then, it touches on a theme that isn’t new to the site) but don’t expect much more from me. (Unless you all really want to see poetry about my cats).

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