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Jul 01

WordPress Sucks as a CMS

No, really, it does. And here’s why:

Page management is horrible if you have more than 20 pages on your site (and I realize that WordPress is normally used solely for blogging and most bloggers don’t have more than 20 pages). There is no way to easily import pages – copy pasta, it is. The “Edit Pages” section within the dashboard becomes useless because you have to click from one page to the next, without being able to change the order of your pages (by name or date would be nice, for example) or how many pages you see listed. It’s always 20.

And if you’re wondering how order is determined, drafts and private pages are listed first then publish pages are listed by “Order” which you can specify on the individual pages. This also determines how pages show up in your page list on the site. For instance, I have ordered my pages in this sequence: Me, Content, Site, Links, Joined. So the pages show up in that order in the dashboard which kind of makes sense – until you add in the subpages. So after my drafts, I see “Me” then all of its subpages, then “Content”, then all of its subpages so on and so forth. The problem is that each of my parent pages has as least 20 subpages and some of my subpages have subpages (up to 3 deep!) and since there is no way to view only one parent and its subpages, the list is broken up over several pages. Finding a specific page in that mess? Means paging through the list until I get lucky.

So if I add or edit a page and forget to do something, finding it in the list is horrible. I could use the “Search” bar in the dashboard but it’s really weak. I can view the live page and edit from there, if it’s published but it definitely takes more time. In matters of converting and editing pages, it’s definitely easier to have hard coded pages and use FTP, even if it takes a little longer to navigate through the directories.

Of course, you can’t use widgets that way. Or apply plug-ins. So while I might have a plug-in for forms with WordPress, I need another script to do the same thing with hard coded pages. You start to feel like you have a lot of duplicate scripts running. Furthermore, sometimes WordPress plugins do things that is much harder to automated with hard coded pages (I’m thinking of an SEO plugin I have). And the dynamics of WordPress are really nice when working with pages. Being able to edit pages from anywhere, without needing an FTP client installed is awesome, too. WordPress has made it possible to do things I never would have considered before and easier to do things that have always been a page – just not with pages.

And that is why WordPress sucks as a CMS. I still love it for blogging, though.

3 comments on “WordPress Sucks as a CMS”

  1. Give XLsuite a try, it’s got a really nice CMS with full page slug control and multiple domain capability.

    Blog engine built in, so is a product catalog, forum, links manager and soooo… much more.

  2. @XLsuite: Spammy but I’ll let you pass. I won’t be using XLSuite for a couple of reasons.
    1) I’ve already put a crapload of work into using WordPress
    2) It’s not free
    3) I like using WP for the blog so even if I wanted to find a different CMS, it would need to work with it (or, at least, not against it)
    4) There’s no demo

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