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Dec 22


I don’t know why but I constantly forget how significant certain things are when it comes to my mood. Being well rested, fed and clean among them. In hindsight, those are pretty significant things on that pyramid of survival — you know the one I mean, even if I forget the name — and I’m sure everyone agrees about food and sleep, even if I’m more of a clean freak than others. Still, I will let myself be hungry for hours or prolong my shower, even though dealing with those things right now will make me feel a million times better even if nothing else about my day changes.

And it’s ridiculous because every time I finally do eat or sleep or shower or decide to pop some medicine to kill that headache, I’m like “oh my god! I feel so good. Why did I wait to do that? What is wrong with me?” My productivity shoots through the roof, my mood elevates and everything is all fine and dandy until the next time I feel hunger or the next morning when I put off my shower.

I am weird, man.


2 comments on “Why?”

  1. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

  2. Dez

    I’m typically the same way. For food I’m still struggling with ‘fat girl mentality’ so I’ll tell myself I’m not hungry or to wait an hour or whatever. Then get busy doing whatever it is I’m doing on the internet and forget about it until later.

    I never take anything for headaches. I just suffer through them :/.

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