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Oct 18

Why I Switched from Sprint to Virgin Mobile

I’ve debated whether I should post this here or on Reviews by Cole, but I’ve ultimately decided to post it on Her Realm because I’ve already review Virgin Mobile’s service over there.  I made the decision to move to Virgin Mobile shortly before my move, but I had the funds to buy a new phone more quickly than I expected, so I took the plunge. The reason really comes down to one thing:


Ultimately, there’s no way I can spend more with Virgin Mobile than I do with Sprint. Over a year, I’ll save around $360. Even if I decide to talk a whole lot and upgrade to V Mo’s unlimited plan, I’ll still save over $200. That’s a lot of dollars, you guys.

It’s not just that, either. There’s no way I can even get a 4G network up where I live. I bought a WiMax phone, and now Sprint is going with LTE. They’re tying hard to deploy it quickly, but I don’t live in an area that will see it soon. I’m getting the same exact service because Virgin Mobile use’s Sprint’s towers.

Plus, I have a new phone. And I can buy a new phone whenever I like without signing up for a new contract because there is no contract. This is so important. I can go back to Sprint if Virgin Mobile doesn’t suit my needs. I can switch to any other carrier if I move. I can switch my plan at any time, in the middle of the payment period. If I talk more than 300 minutes, $10 per month gives me an extra 900 minutes. If I talk less next month, I can switch my plan before I top up. That’s effing convenient.

I’ll probably replace my phone more frequently with Virgin Mobile because their prices are so damned good. So maybe all the money I’ll have saved will go to a new phone or some other device, but at least I’ll feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. When I’m paying a super-discounter $75 per month for a phone with the same features and service, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I was so worried about switching to Virgin Mobile, but it ultimately makes much more sense than paying more with Sprint.

5 comments on “Why I Switched from Sprint to Virgin Mobile”

  1. Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint. In essence, they are the same thing.

  2. Virgin Mobile “leases” tower usage from Sprint, so I am absolutely getting the same network service at a lower priority. Of course, I explained that clearly in this post, so your comment.. adds nothing to the conversation at all. Way to go!

  3. I appreciate your post..I’ve been with sprint for 15yrs! I pay 100$ a month! Bought my daughter a virgin mobile the same as mine but hers is 45$ a month! I’m done with my contract and switching to virgin! And I’m keeping my old #! Sprint,verizon,and ATT are all ripoffs!

  4. I wish I had switched sooner!

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