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May 02

Why I Quit My Job

These last 2 weeks have been full of that question and, honestly, I keep feeling so flabbergasted when people ask me! I want to ask them if they like theirs, if the crappy pay and poor hours are worth it? If the unbearable heat in the building, the drama and lack of customer service makes them feel good. Maybe they like knowing that no one gives a damn about them to learn their name or they relish trying to track down someone when there’s an emergency or phone call when there’s no way to contact anyone in the building besides physically hunting them down. Maybe the inconstant policies are thrilling to some. Maybe people love knowing they’re just a go-between and have no more power. “I don’t know” “I can’t help you” and “You have to call the bank” might be their favourite lines to show the extent of knowledge of their job.

Or Maybe no one else wants a shred of happiness, dignity or productive in the workplace. But I do.

Truthfully, it’s the culmination of all that and so much more. So I quit.

2 comments on “Why I Quit My Job”

  1. i think it’s a very good reason to quit a job. i haven’t had a job in so long. i worked at Cato for like a month here once and had a horrible experience. since then, i haven’t had the urge to get another one. i think i’m going to work at the vet office on post. i’m not sure. i think you should be happy with your job. i think you should be able to wake up in the morning, excited to go to work. at least that’s what i want:)

  2. I know just how you felt! I left my job behind because quite frankly, the pay was PEANUTS. And they overworked me. They constantly asked me to do tons of little things for them (that weren’t in my job description, but I, being the lollipop I am, went ahead and did them cuz I can’t say no), and I never even got a simple “Thank You!” in return. Bleh.

    You definitely happiness and dignity in the workplace. Best wishes!

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