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Mar 08

Why can’t money grow on trees?

Well I do have some good news: my hits have gone back up. They’re getting much closer to what they were before. It means all the theories that I had about why they were going down are crap. d=

But, I also need $200 for the down payment for housing and I’ll need $800 for the first month in Arizona. I think I can get the money, but my problem is that I don’t know if I have a way down there. If I go by plane or trane I’ll need my stuff shipped but that’s expensive. Ashe wants to drive but I don’t think her mom would let us. It’d be a fun trip through and I’d definitely be more comfortable.

Hum. People keep double commenting. Please, only hit submit once. It will post, even if it is a bit slow. i’m not sure if thats the problem, though; this was enver a problem before and it’s happening frequently, now. I think perhaps YACCS is having some problems.
I have a few questions to answer.

Q: will i get with glen?
A: The better question is whether or not you’ll learn proper English. I am not a magic 8 ball. XD

Q: Why ?
A: Why not?

Q: Cole! Don’t touch me there! Only the preist can!
A: What’s a preist?

Q: where is pie?
A: I don’t know. I couldn’t find it, )=

Q: Will I marry Erin Eaton
A: No, you’re gay.

Q: are you a panda
A: No, but I do think they’re cute.

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