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Jun 22

Why am I up?

hearing: Construction
feeling: Cold
wanting: A shower
Ben will be over soon and we’ll be discussing possible hosting in the near future. I’m almost certain that when this domain runs up (July 10), I won’t be renewing the name. However, I will be getting another domain. So, as of late, I have been looking at other hosting companies and such. I like mine, a lot, and I have been with them for two years, but if there’s something a little better (and cheaper) I’d be willing to look at it.

I’ve had this insane sleeping schedule lately. At first when school let out I was going to bed late and waking up even later, which works fine for me, but then one day I decided to stay up all night which resulted in me going to sleep sometime in the early afternoon and waking up at like 2 am. Of course, when one wakes up at 2 am, one tends to go to sleep a little earlier, and then wake up extremely early again. All this means I have been going to sleep between 9 and 10 pm and waking up between 6 and 7 am. -blinks* I could never wake up that early when I had to go to school! -lol*

The college thing is.. iffy. If they accept my newest coborrower, I may be able to switch to the October start date and, given I find a job soon, I’d be able to make that work. However, they have already rejected 3 coborrowers. Apparently housing only received one of the two checks, so Tim has to send another one, but his bank doesn’t even have record of the one they say the got, so he could just be paying what they already received and just didn’t keep track of. -f*

I am still looking for a job. Everyplace I have applied and called back said that they are “looking through applications.” Well, except for Fleet Farm: they put a note on it. -lol* I’m going to apply at Walmart sometime soon, and most likely the Healthcare Center, too. First, I need to take a shower.

I have also updated the poll.

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