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Mar 04

Who Will Save Your Soul?

I was disappointed when I first visited here because I could not play Maplestory but I ignored it because I could play with Rian and returned home after only 3 weeks. Upon arriving here with intentions of permanence in late October, I was disappointed once more and realize the reason I could not play was not, in fact, Rian’s laptop (shitty as it may be) but because of our location.

The English version of Maplestory is only allowed to certain countries and the company who runs it, Nexon, gives the rights to companies in other countries to develop the game which results in country specific versions such as Japanese MapleStory and, I assume to make a buck, if you’re in any of these countries they want you to play their version and all IPs from these countries are banned from the English version.

So I said “FUCK!” My frustration only increase upon realizing that there didn’t seem to be a substitute which a) I could read in English b) I could play in Japan c) worked on either laptop or pc or d) I actually liked. You see, I loved MS and while it’s a MMORPG, it’s extremely different from most of them mostly because it’s 2D/side scrolling which is rather rare.

After trying a few games and even having some of them successfully work I thought I’d settle on Trickster but it was in Beta and as soon as it became official, all Japanese IPs were banned. -sigh-

So, recently I’d been posting at Gaia because I’ve been bored out of my skull and thought ‘What the hell, I’ll ask for suggestions’ and – lo and begold! – someone suggested Ghost (Soul) Online which is a 2d, side scrolling MMORPG extremely similar to MapleStory – only better!

Unfortunately, it still is in beta which means when it’s officially released I may not be able to play but we’ll have to wait and see. Until then I can play a game which is popular but not to the extent of MapleStory so I don’t have to deal with lag or “n00bs.” And, on the plus side, it’s a lot less mind numbing, too.

This makes a happy Cole.

PS – the title? GO is sort of an oriental fantasy tale where you kill monsters/demons and take their souls. Buahaha.

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