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Dec 02

When Do You Need a Facebook Page?

Give the thumbs up to Facebook pages

Give the thumbs up to Facebook pages

There is a local establishment that uses a profile rather than a page for business activities, and it’s so strange. I don’t understand who thinks that’s a good idea. I don’t want to befriend a business, but I may want to like it. This business isn’t the only one that operates like  that, so it seems that this is a needed post.

You should get a Facebook page if you are or represent the following:

  • A business — of any sort. If the general public doesn’t want to talk to you personally, there’s no need for a profile.
  • A brand — Maybe you’re not selling anything directly, but if brand recognition is what you want, then a page is what you need.
  • A website — A website may be a brand or a business, but it’s also worthy of a page. Facebook even has a category specifically for pages.
  • A location that consumers would “check into” — You can both have a page and claim your page on Facebook Places.

A page, rather than a profile, gives you a great place to post photos, generate buzz, host giveaways and advertise events and promotions. You can interact with consumers, and because multiple people can administer a page, it doesn’t matter who in the company is doing the interacting. When you post website or blog updates to Facebook, you can also generate traffic to your own website. Include your website URL in your “About” section. If you have no website at all, a Facebook page is an adequate substitute, but I’d advise against using this as your only Web presence.

However, a Facebook page requires that you’re active. You should post at least once a day and respond to any comments, questions or concerns your fans have.  You should completely fill out your profile and use your company name in the text areas. Make sure to use a recognizable name for your page title and claim your company name as the URL for your new Facebook page.

Furthermore, you won’t directly sell anything from your Facebook page, but it’s a good way to encourage visitors to click over to your website to see new products or deals. Patrick Healy has something to say about this.

One comment on “When Do You Need a Facebook Page?”

  1. Thanks for the mention. I agree, FB pages can be useful for branding and promotion but should not be a substitute for a website or the core of your online strategy. Unless you have the resources to have a dedicated social media manager you ware unlikely to generate leads or have any real meaningful interactions up there. Free is never free.

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