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Jan 25

What’s up with that?

I had 3 comments for a few days and all of a sudden I got three more today in a rather short period of time. I think some provance members are not doing their jobs, but whatever – I’m not going to waste my time reporting them. -rme*

The new layout will be up sooooon!

Here’s some more questions
Q: Do you like the coler pupple? Me too!
A: No, I can’t stand it. In fact that’s why my layout is purple!

Q: Emperor or Darkthrone?
A: Darkthrone. d=

Q: Would you like to have a pet monkey?.. [i would..]
A: Maybe a stuffed one. I don’t tihnk a real monkey is very realistic. I’d rather have a baby polar bear and keep him in the freezer until he grows too big. Then I’d give him to a zoo!

Q: Whens cole going to kidnap sky?
A: Hold your horses!

Q: Who are you? Where are you from?
A: Do I really have to answer this?

And some memes’

Sunday Brunch
Sunday, January 25

1. When you were a teenager, did you sneak out of the house?
I don’t think I’ve ever had to. I once snuck some people in for the night and then out. XD
2. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?
Nope, in fact I don’t swim.
3. Have you ever dyed your hair a wild and crazy color?
Er, yes. I went from dirty blond to jet black and I’m always dying it to some shade of red or purpleish.
4. Did you ever get so drunk you couldn’t remember much of the night?
No, I don’t like alcohol so much.
5. Tell us about something wild and crazy you did as a teenager you probably should have gotten in trouble for but never got caught.
You know I guess my wild days were earlier. I used to steal cigarettes and stuff when I was like 12 if it counts for anything. There’s not a lot of rules in this house so I generally don’t get into trouble because there’s nothing I can do that’s wrong.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Political:: cartoons
  2. Concentration:: camps
  3. Fish:: sticks
  4. Lunacy:: heresy
  5. Red:: queen
  6. Imply:: implications
  7. Recognize:: this
  8. Sexist:: asshole
  9. Commercial:: tv
  10. Stricken:: panic

Random Question Day

This is a bit late but..
Do you know what your name means, or why you recieved the name you did? Please share.
My whole name means short bitter victory.. Interesting isn’t it? I can’t tell you why my mom named me what she did. I think she just liked Nicole and I had a grandma whose middle name was May..

WD Prompts
Describe the first person you disliked. Why did you despise her? What did she look like? How did it feel to loathe someone?
I tihnk it was Rian Pankow. In 4th grade he called me a stupid head or something and it made me cry. So I went to the counselor (I was already talking to her on a weekly basis anyway) and I told her about it. We were making me this little journal thing and it’s the only tihng I ever wrote in it. It makes me laugh now.

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