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Jun 01

What’s going on?

Wendy arrived on Sunday the 20th. Unfortunately, she was set to arrive shortly before I was due at work so Rian dropped me off a bit early and went to pick her up. In his usual style, he tried to pull a fast one on me by telling me that Wendy hadn’t arrived because of plane engine troubles, when he came to pick me up at work. I was skeptical because I know his kind and, sure enough, when I arrived home I spotted foreign shoes in our entryway.

These shoes belonged to a monster sleeping on the couch, a monster better known as (dun dun dun!) Wendy! She continued to sleep and ignore me for several hours, as did Rian.

During the first week, we spent much time walking around on and off base. I’ve learned more about the local city over several days with her than I had over several months with Rian. Sadly, there wasn’t much to learn.

I’ve probably visited every bookstore in a 5 miles radius and she’s probably purchased random books (in Japanese, which she doesn’t read XD) from all of them. (“I’ll learn this summer” she says and “Magazines have pictures.”) Whatever.

Luckily, I worked shorter shifts most of the first week. Unluckily, my shoes have holes in them so whenever it rains, my feet get wet. This was the case on the 25th when we walked to the base beach for the “Memorial Day Bash” which was fairly uneventful but did involve free food.

After that, we trekked all the way to main base with the intent of see TMNT only to realize that I got the time wrong and we wound up watching Spiderman 3 instead. It had been lightly raining at the beginning of the walk and nearly an hourand one umbrella-blown-inside-out later, I was thoroughly wet at feet and I was going to see any movie, god dammit.

I liked it. I thought that Spiderman was too overdone with action because OMG-It’s-a-comic-book-movie but Spiderman 2 was quite boring – I fell asleep watching it. The third did a good job of balancing between action and romance and although I felt that 3 villains was a bit much at some points, the plot had a few interesting twists. Overall the movie was quite enjoyable, even if I felt bad for watching a movie Rian had been wanting to see quite badly.

I cannot tell you how nice it is to have someone else to speak with other than Rian. I love him to death but conversation with the same person can become quite old and sometimes I feel rather foolish being silly around him, which is not the case with certain friends – like Wendy.

On the 27th, we boarded a bus at 6:30 in the AM on our way to Disneyland in Tokyo, a tale for another post (and the sequel to IM The Lost Art: Part 1 is still forthcoming)!

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