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Jan 15

What’s Going On

On my review blog, I touched on the frustrations I was experiencing because of my previous host (Neureal/EMC) and while it was only bothersome at that point, it has now become simply unacceptable.

In the last week, a few people noticed that my site was not loading and I contacted them. There was some strange error but it was fixed within a day at most. However, my site and e-mail were down, once again, several days ago. Upon contacting them I was told (again) that the control panel software was no longer supported by the creator and, now, there was some sort of corruption which made files on that server inaccessible.

Since then they have been “working” on it. I gave them some time but already knew I would be looking for a new host and I began my hunt, spending a lot of time perusing the WebHostingTalk forums. About a day passed and I received an e-mail message (the fiust time I didn’t actually have to contact them about my site being down) which said they would need 12 more hours and I could check their support desk site for updates. At that point, it was at 79%.

More than 24 hours later, the status is only at 87%. In the meantime, I settled on trying Steadfast hosting which had a lot of praise and uses the same control panel. I switched over DNS info and my domain propogated pretty quickly.

I was going to just start with a fresh install of WordPress but recalled I had a backup of the WordPress database in my e-mail so I uploaded -most- of my posts. However, about a month of posts are missing and there are some formatting issues. Hopefully I’ll have that all squared away tonight and then all I need to do is wait for my files to be accessible, grab them and cancel hosting with my previous host.

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