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May 14

What Stops Me From Loving Pinterests.

Besides all your stupid pins and lack of quality descriptions (this one is totally on you, guys!).

The fact that the front page, when I’m not signed in, has a lot of awesome stuff but I’m not sure why it’s there. If I click something and forget I’m logged out, it doesn’t return me to the same page after I do log in. How stupid. Then I have to try to search for the image, which is difficult because.. see above. I don’t even know what the front page is. Is it just random? Can I even return there when I log in?

The second thing is that the website does a horrible job of recognize dupes. If it would just check, based on image URL or website URL, the whole thing would run more smoothly. God, I hope that feature is coming.

5 comments on “What Stops Me From Loving Pinterests.”

  1. When you are logged in you can hit the “everything” button at the top and that’s basically the main page.

    I hate it for all the reasons you do too. I mostly use it for the food posts.

    And I HATE HATE HATE when people post the MAIN URL to a site rather than the specific page on the site where the info is located. And pinning from Tumblr should be totally against the rules.

  2. You know what’s worse than that? Pinning from Google Images. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?

    Unfortunately, the “everything” page is not the same as the main page for me. I literally lose pins because of these reasons.

  3. As far as I can tell the main page/everything page are randomly generated from the most popular pins. If I go to Pinterest and I’m not logged in, I just open the pins I like in new windows, log in, then refresh the pins (which is stupid that you have to do, but whatevs). I love Pinterest, but the spam/fake pins, incorrectly linked or lack of descriptions really gets me.

  4. *Ick, not new windows, new tabs! I do not like having twenty windows of Chrome open, though you know twenty tabs isn’t much better but still doesn’t seem as awful.

  5. @Cori, that’s a clumsy solution, though. Pinterest runs pretty slow with all the popping up and such. It’s not bloated but awkward, nonetheless.

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