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Oct 29

What Is Wrong?

I haven’t been having a very good day. I don’t even know if that’s necessarily true. I’ve cried three times since I woke up but for no really good reason. I’m just blue. It may be chemicals or the turning of the weather. It certainly has a lot to do with my broken heart and some friends who no longer seem to have time for me. It’s partially the stress of planning a giant Halloween party and that freelance work isn’t as abundant as it once was. It may be that I’m too cold to think properly and I should just turn on the fucking heat already.

All I know is, whatever the cause, I’m done with it. I just wish it were done with me.

One comment on “What Is Wrong?”

  1. Dez

    *hugs* Come snuggle under a blanket with me.

    If you’re horribly stressed planning a Halloween party, perhaps it’s a sign that you shouldn’t. I know that you like to throw get together s often, but often times it just stresses you out it seems. :(

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