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Oct 29

What is love?

baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more…

All joking aside (not really), I shall answer this question!

Love is grilled Nutella and banana sandwiches (I didn’t add the walnuts, strawberries or cinnamon and sugar and I also didn’t use anything other than plain ol’ white bread – y’know, cause I’m white)!

I just happened to stop in front of the Nutella at the grocery store the other day and decided to pick them up. I didn’t get bananas because I was sick of them and then was kicking myself later, at home, when I wanted to make something with it because, while the spoonfuls of Nutella straight (out of the jar but it sounds like I’m a junkie this way) were good, they could be better.

Luckily, I actually did have bananas so I did have a banana and Nutella sandwiched, grilled bien sur. (Because the first time I had Nutella was on crepes in French class, yeaaars ago; actually that was the only time until just recently but I remembered loving it..)

I know the combination sounds a little odd, especially the grilled part – perhaps because I think of grilled cheese and how salty it is – but it’s really quite heavenly and I’m not sure if it’s just the lack of cheese or the specific butter I am using, it wasn’t so salty that it clashed with the other tastes.

Of course, that has been my supper for the last 2 nights. And I might sneak one in for dessert tonight. So easy and quick and they even taste good burnt which rocks because I tend to become distracted by the computer when cooking! Like you are now, Cole? Yes, Cole, like I am now.

So there you have it; love is a party in my mouth.

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