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Dec 22

What I do when I’m bored

hearing: Slipknot
feeling: Hot
browsing: FruityOaty (Visit her!)

When I am bored I spend lots of time looking for blogs and personal sites, in hopes that one of them will leave a strong impression and ultimately, I want more affiliates. Lately, I’ve found many which I commented on but none which really left a great impression, except for FruityOaty.

Also, this site has such a nice design.

Perhaps this is because I tried to comment previously but I was not allowed to. I got an error that our IP was blacklisted, basically, for having some worm. I could not confirm this fact because Rian hates anti-virus software. I don’t love it but I took the time to download free trials from both TrendMicro and AVG, which found nothing, I guess.

Anyway, I can comment now so no worries. I will go on spending my time browsing Topsitelists, Exentrique, Despair and Rouged.

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