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Feb 09


I just did a whole shitload of paperwork for financial aid. I’m waiting for mom’s pin online so we can submit my FAFSA stuff. My hand hurts; mom and Tim’s hands probably hurt too because I made them help me fill stuff out. She had to sign a lot of stuff anyway. I took a look at a bunch of the scholarships on FAFSA. Some have been eliminated and I’m working on the pertinent ones ASAP.

I called Jack from Collins and he directed me to Emily, the financial aid girl. She was sweet but her voice was so little. She sounded tiny! I’ll Fedex that stuff in as soon as I have my references and then Mom will be getting the housing stuff notarized and we’ll be good for Collins.

I called IADT and guess what? My admissions rep doesn’t even work there anymore and they failed to notify me. So here I am reassigned with no idea who my rep is, and no idea that it’s not even the same person. So I call and get some Tiffany chick who was nice and said she’d have my new rep call me. -growls* They lost a lot of my confidence with that one. It’s not professional.
Well, I’m glad you guys like the new layout. Unfortunately, my hits have dropped a lot. Hopefully they’ll go back up soon! I was expecting a lot of comments about how spooky or dark my layout is, like usual, but I didn’t get them. I must be losing my edge. d=
Here’s some questions

Q: do you sell dancing monkeys?
A: No. Try the dancing monkey vendor.

Q:when do you leave for college cole?
A: Well, sometime in early ish july. Depends on how I’m getting to AZ. I might drive, (be driven) because I love car rides. Might need a Uhaul or something. SO I may leave earlier or later depending upon that.

Q:do i got a big dick
A: No, but you do “got” a small brain.

Q:bugs bunny
A: …Likes carrots?

Q:you have any layouts
A: To download? Yes. You have any shift key? Make use of it with proper punctuation and capitalization.

Q:Please stop using very RUDE words on this site.
A: I’m not sure if this is Sky, but I really hope it is. You’re dumb. I’ll use whatever “rude” works I freaking feel like using. Dumbshit. It’s my site. I pay for it, I maintain it, and I say what stays. You, don’t.

Q:am i goth
A: No. Goth is a noun. Goth is an adjective. If you don’t know that then you’re probably not.

Q:I love your layout! you are very talented!
A: Not a question, but thanks! (=

Q:Isn’t the Metallica song called Master Of Puppets?
A: Well yes, Alicia, it is! Read the “about” page. d=

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