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Sep 30

Well, that was fun.

The last time I wrote a post talking about how I’d gotten drunk the night before, it wasn’t so happy. It’s different this time. Friday was my best friend’s birthday and she asked if  I wanted to go out after she finished work. I figured it would be fun and had no better plans, anyway, so we headed to a bar with her husband to meet her cousin. For some reason, probably an empty stomach, my drinks really hit me and I was soon feeling the alcohol. I had no more than two shots and two mixed drinks, but they did me in.

However, I was with friends, so instead of freaking out, I was laughing  bubbly and silly. I entertained everyone and was entertain myself. It was really the first time that drinking was any fun, and it was all an accident. It made me want to go out and drink with friends again. Perhaps I just hadn’t been with the right people before. Unfortunately, several of my friends are now pregnant. What’s up with that?

The night produced some quotes that seemed funny at the time. You can tell me if they’re still funny.

I’d be a dick, too, if my vagina was full of sand.

I’m trying to add ‘fucked’ but it’s hard.

I feel all wibbly wobbly. Will David Tennant have sex with me?

I have to pee. Don’t eat my cheese.

2 comments on “Well, that was fun.”

  1. Drunk quotes, in my opinion, are often the best. :) I’m glad you had a good time, and didn’t (hopefully) end up pregnant.

  2. @Jenn: Nope. In fact, I rejected my bestie’s cousin pretty hard d=

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