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Jan 11

Weekly Wrapup!

In the past week have you had anything break? Unfortunately, quite a few things have broken: the pull chain on the light/fan fixture, our car alarm went off randomly and somehow we sprung a leak from the water heater/pipes which is in our floors and wall!

What was the reason (rough treatment, old age/worn out, inexplicable breaking)? The pull chain might have been us being rough but I have no idea about the car and water. =/

Were you able to fix it yourself, did you take it to someone to fix or did you have to toss it? We called in maintenance to look at the pull chain because I did not want to deal with wires and electricity. We had to have the car towed to the dealership where we bought it. Luckily they took care of the towing and shutting off the alarm. We called maintenance who instructed us how to shut off the water in the place but they’ll have to ultimately fix it.

If you haven’t had anything break recently, what was the last thing which broke?
Recently, we also had the garbage disposal stop working. I guess it was rusted and corroded through. =/ They had to order a replacement, though. We’re waiting on that.

Are you fairly capable when it comes to fixing things around the house, car or work? Or do you usually depend on others (like maintenance)? If I feel that I know what I’m doing, I love to fix things and be hands on. I don’t want to touch things I might make worse or if I’m over my head in knowledge, like with the wires in the light.

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