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Oct 17

Way to Blow, Twitter

There’s been a little buzz about the odd decision of Twitter to rein in use of its API. Services don’t usually go from open to closed; it’s often the other way. The day came and went with no major issues. I use Twitter’s official app on my mobile devices, and Echofon works just fine in Firefox. It wasn’t until I was looking at one of my websites that I realized Twitter wasn’t showing up. I checked another. Nada. I checked the last one with Twitter? Guess what? Nothing.

Granted, the Twitter for WordPress widget hadn’t been updated in some time, so WordPress and the author can take some blame for not paying attention and continuing to list it. It’s my fault for not checking my websites as frequently, but it was a good solution. I liked that widget. Simple. Clean. Easy to use?

Have you seen the official Twitter widget? It’s hideous! Want proof? Look to your left?

Done gouging out your eyes? Sorry about that.

But the closed API and Twitter’s refusal to provide RSS feeds for our accounts means I don’t have a lot of options until someone makes something else.

The widget looks so much better on Her Realm than it does Reviews by Cole. I’m really lucky that it looks as good as it does.. and I hate saying that.

So, there’s not much point to this. Thanks for not letting me know my site was broke, readers. Thanks for being out of the loop widget author. Thanks for making it hard to show updates on my site, Twitter.


2 comments on “Way to Blow, Twitter”

  1. you can use the jetpack plugin to display twitter as a widget on your sidebar. i’m using it on my site with no issues. jetpack also has some nice other features and site stats in your dashboard.

  2. @nimil: I’ll check it out, but I’ll probably just stick with the official widget cause I’m lazy

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