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Feb 17


and waiting and waiting is what I was doing all weekend. Ryan told me he bought me flowers but did I see them on Valentine’s Day? No. Did I assume he was lying? Nah.

In fact, the flowers never wound up on my doorstep. Indeed, they were delivered to the office, instead. What’s more, is that there was no note left on my door that this is where my flowers were. So after waiting 2 days, I called the office on a whim to inquire about the status of my flowers. Lo and behold! They were in the office waiting for me the whole time. Except, how would I have known that if the delivery person did not leave a note?!

I wasn’t sure how to remedy this situation but it did make me feel better to send this letter to the flower service:


My husband recently used your website to purchase flowers which were supposed to be delivered to me on Valentine’s Day. Saturday came and went with no delivery; I was out of the house for only 30 minutes and there was no note left on my door if the delivery person had come.

I live in an apartment complex with an office which accepts deliveries if tenants are not available. Although no note was left to indicate that this was the situation, I called the office on Monday afternoon when no flowers had arrived. My flowers had, indeed, been delivered to the office with no communication to me that this was the case.

I am now in possession of my flowers but am sorely disappointed in my delivery experience. Had a delivery person knocked and found I was out of the house, he or she should have left a note indicating the flowers were sent to the office. However, it is my believe that the delivery person did not even come to my door at all and, instead, simply dropped the flowers at the office because our leasing agent said this person stopped there first. She informed the person to check if I was home and leave a note, if not, before leaving them at the office. Obviously, even with these instructions, this did not happen.

I have used many delivery services and there is no service of which I know who would think it is acceptable to deliver my goods to the office without alerting me or ,as I suspect to be the case, even trying my door. Although I recognize Valentine’s Day must be one of the busier days of the year for you, if not the busiest, this is simply shoddy business practice and I find it appalling that you could treat your customers in such a manner.

My husband is currently deployed to a war zone and went out of his way to order me flowers. I waited, literally, all day for my flowers to arrive and when they did not it’s safe to say I was extremely disappointed. Having to let him know that my flowers had not arrived was no more rewarding itself. Had I not taken the initiative to call the office, who knows how long my flowers might have sat, unbeknown to me, wilting away.

I hope that you are more accommodating in the future when it comes to doing the job customers like my husband pay you to do. I certainly hope others did not have their special day ruined because of such poor service. I did not expect your deliverer to go out of his or her way but simply to deliver my flowers to my door in a timely manner or, if the situation calls for it, let me know the flowers are in the office by leaving a note. With customer service like this, I wonder how you can claim you have a “100% satisfaction guarantee.” I certainly do not feel satisfied that I had to wait this long to receive my flowers which were not delivered to me in the first place. Now I will not be able to enjoy them as fully as I would have been able to, had they been delivered on February 14th.


One comment on “Waiting..”

  1. Wow that’s horrible about the crappy delivery. At least he got you flowers though, right? :)

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