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Sep 03

Updates on Cole..

Well let’s see school started Tuesday and that leaves me having to learn not one, but 2 new schedules -laughs*

Been looking at college stuffs..

Still happy with Mr. Rian (=

Which reminds me I was thinking of adding a page to explain all the people I would mention in my blog. Hum, sound good? Well if comments ever get back up you can tell me. -lol*

Listening to Evanescence’s cover of “Heart Shaped Box” It rocks!

Yesterday we really only had like 2 hours of school so I spent some time down at the mall with Cody, Karissa, and Kia. It was fun. Then Megan drove me home. Mom woke John up and he drove Ashe and I to Rib Mt and the mall where I picked up some new clothes. (fishnets, two pairs of pants, my Cheshire kitty shirt) At Claire’s I bought this headband with two little balls of hair that are orange and black. It’s cute, but I’d need the right outfit with it.

Today as the first real day of school was okay. Can’t believe I already have 9 pages of math homework. -lol*

I managed to cut my thumb on the zipper of my boots, loose my com, drop my fries at lunch, and be sick. Go Cole..

Well anyway I’m going to sleep..

Oh as an afterthought I’m not letting Ginger use my comp any more, I’m just going to tell her to go down to the library.

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