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Nov 07


It’s been too long, really.

Theres a new Poll and while I’m at it, I’ll be looking for a new poll script. I was really hoping to utilize images in the poll but it seems that won’t be happening. On a different note, I don’t think the tables always looked so crappy, did they?

The poll has been updated, again, to a script which is a huge improvement over the old one. Well, an improvement in the sense that I can have user feedback via suggestions and comments (with emoticons), use multiple polls and actually displayed previous polls as well as use images for poll options and establish different user levels. -grins* Lovely, it is!

I also updated the Sex section, which I don’t think I announced before.

You will find new additions to my pictures section, including pictures from the Halloween Party and pictures of me.

Lastly, there’s an an entirely new section dedicated to card games for you to check out.

PS. All the “Vote” links to the right are active so, if you have time, please vote for me. (The complete list is located here and I’d appreciate it if you’d click all of this links, daily, buuuut I don’t expect it.) Maintaining a position at the top of these lists and moving my way up them gains more hits and visits to the site which, in turn, makes me a very happy Cole. How does it benefit you? Simple. More visits means more motivation for me to create and update new and existing pages and sections which means more content and hours of fun for you!

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