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Aug 29

Unbelievable People

When I have time on my hands, such as I do now, I have a relatively ‘bad’ habit of watching reality TV. Now, I don’t especially like anything Survivor-esque where everything is staged but, rather, the shows where the crew seems to more follow the lives of real people, even if the final production is edited for affect.

Nevertheless, I still cannot believe how some people act when the camera is rolling, on a show that will be broadcast to thousands. For example, I frequently watch Bridezillas which is, as you can imagine, about horrible brides. Granted, planning a wedding is difficult and costly and can cause even the sweetest person to be in a bad mood but some of these women (Can you say Megan?), are so difficult, rude, selfish, mean, unreasonable, bitchy, and out of touch with reality that they are almost difficult to take for real and it’s fully impossible to think anyone would want to marry them.

Actually, in Megan’s case, it appears she bullied her boyfriend into proposing. She proceeded to threaten to marry someone else – on screen – and her catch phrase seems to be “shut the hell up” as she loved screaming it at her bridal party at times – like when she listed of her rules for the reception and ceremony which included forbidding the females to remove shoes and the males were not allowed to remove their tux coats no matter what.

Of course, a few other people shocked me, like Tanesha when she demanded her fiancee buy her a knew “3 and a half” karat ring after she misplaced it. Turns out she had left it on the floor and he had hidden it to teach her a lesson. I forget, was this before or after she told him she no longer had a job because she couldn’t work full time and plan a wedding at the same time?

Celinda was also no piece of cake, showing up 1 hour and 15 minutes late to her rehearsal and refusing to apologize to the officiant. Instead, she had a few glasses of champagne which helped her bumble through the night. It’s now surprise that she’s such a bitch when you consider the hissy fit her mother threw over having to serve herself at the buffet.

As these monstrous brides-to-be start to overlap in my mind, I forget which one it was who demanded her new husband take her home after she wasn’t getting enough attention when her nephew turned up missing.

Predictably, many couples who have been on shows like these quickly separate, divorce or find themselves in counseling to address problems that have long festered beneath the surface but what I think might be a better solution is a nice slap across the face, on their wedding day, on national TV.

I know I am not an easy person but I could never, ever be as horrendous as these people! And they’re on TV. I’m sure there’s editing and staging to make it look worse than it is, but I hope these women see themselves on the show and feel bad for their behaviour – I mean more than just a cringe; I hope it motivates them to call every single company and guest involved in the wedding and apologize.

One comment on “Unbelievable People”

  1. I’m a reality TV fan too :x. I can’t stand MTV reality shows like the Hills or anything like that . . .but I’m a sucker for vh1’s Celebreality shows :B

    I’ve never watched Bridezilla before. :x It amazes me to hear what people do while the cameras are rolling too — maybe they think that it’ll be edited out? @_@;

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