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Jan 25

Um, What?

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve probably seen people posting their FormSpring links. If not, here’s all you need to know: Formspring is free to sign up and users can allow other registered users or even anonymous folks to ask them questions. Their can reply to them and both questions and answers will show up on the user’s page. It’s like a modern version of the “Ask me Anything” button. And it’s fucking annoying because my Twitter updates are filled with formspring links and I don’t give a shit but that is another rant.

My rant is about a user whose FormSpring I stumbled across. This young woman apparently does “recreational” cocaine when she drinks. She is also amazed that admitting so, in a public place, has motivated people to ask about it because, like, everyone she knows does it when they go out to drink and, like, it helps with her fatigue because of her thyroid problems. Not her exact words but it’s what I got from it. Apparently, every bar in her neighbourhood has a dealer and she’s never seen someone decline the offer to do a line. So it’s all the rage where she lives.

Ooookay. Let’s stop there.

I have never met anyone who openly admitted to having done coke ever in their life. I probably know someone who has but it’s not something that just pops up in conversation. I don’t know who I would ask if I wanted to do cocaine and I have never been offered a line. And I have never lived anyplace where cocaine was available in every bar, at least to my knowledge. If I did, I’d move the fuck out of Dodge for fear of someone “busting a cap in my ass” or something equally scary.

Granted, my hometown was very much blue collar. Maybe everyone just stuck to less expensive drugs like weed. Granted, my hometown isn’t young and hip and weight obsessed so maybe this woman knows a lot of folks with money and calories to burn. Granted, I don’t go out all the time so maybe I am just not in the right place to experience this phenomenon.

But, really? Come on. If you think it’s no big thing to talk about doing a line of cocaine, then maybe you are too involved and ought to take a step back. If you really think it’s strange that people would inquire, maybe you need a mental health check. Or to get the fuck off the crack. Whatever.

5 comments on “Um, What?”

  1. Dez

    I think it’s quite stupid of her for a million and one reasons. Shame if someone reported her and the courts used her formspring as evidence. Ha. I’d pay to see it really.

    As for ‘no one denies a line.” seriously? What the fuck.

  2. Wow… I have a FormSpring account, but I don’t go bombarding people with it. (THOUGH I HAVE SOMEONE ON MY TWITTER AND FACEBOOK THAT DOES THAT. Very annoying!!) I don’t understand why anyone would admit such a asinine thing in a public place. Wow… There are so many bad things about that I can’t even write them all down!! She could get in a lot of trouble for that. And LOL @ “recreational”.

  3. @Kristin: That’s the thing, she doesn’t even see it as admitting to it because it’s so ‘common place’ for her to see. Er, no.

  4. I think that girl is dying to get arrested

  5. eva

    not only could she get arrested, but she could seriously damage her body or do something dangerous while messed up. not to mention that you shouldn’t take any drug that a random stranger offers you… you don’t know that it contains pure cocaine, there could be anything in it.

    i only know one person who admitted to doing cocaine, a few times when they were young in the 1980’s they tried it. you know this person, too. i don’t know anyone else who does it. i’ve been to parties where people were taking drugs, and some friends of friends of mine are sadly VERY into recreational drugs. none of them do cocaine. people get offered weed, alcohol, weird caffine things, and i know some people have taken x at parties i’ve been to. i even know one person who shows evidence of being a former meth addict. but cocaine? i’ve never even heard anyone talk about cocaine. maybe the people i hang around with aren’t wild enough, or weight obsessed enough, but i doubt it’s as common as she claims it is. she’s probably in denial. she knows it’s weird and might even be worried about the consequences, but doesn’t want to examine her behavior.

    this is whacked. i kinda want to use that site now. but i don’t know what people would bother to ask me.

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