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Dec 21


First, a question!

Q: why don’t you ph34r me?
A: You give me no reason to fear you. Though Rian may be petrified of you. XD

This is just crappy. First, my site is down last night for no reason. At least it was for me and several others. -sigh- It’s back now, so I won’t complain but it bugs me when this happens and my host doesn’t alert me. Granted, it happens once in a blue moon, only, but still.

Second, I’ve been updating all these things and kick starting the Site Contest once more and much of my interactive content is dependent upon the form handler script I use (BNBForm) and it only periodically works. Now, it not one of those times, apparently.

I love the script because it also saves the form information in a text file on my server as well as e-mailing me but, unfortunately, now I’m not getting any e-mails and I’m not sure how long this has been going on but I know a while back my host upgraded some of their resources and the script stopped working or reverted or something and after some fucking around I was able to get it to work again.

This was in may and I know it did work up until September, at least, but I’ve gotten submissions after than which never arrived in my e-mail inbox. I do have a back up script I will be using, though it doesn’t save the form info which I really like, and luckily nothing was lost. This is just a pain in the ass because I’d also been using that form for Wings Of Steel and Nocturnal Refractions.

So I’ll be updating all the pages which contain forms. This includes the “Ask Me Anything” box on here. If you receive an SMTP error on any pages or are not sure your submission has gone through, go ahead and e-mail me the submission.


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