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May 26


I am so tired of all this false patriotism and that’s just what it is: false. Can we say Toby Keith anyone? This seriously bothers me. He’s selling records and visiting troops and he knows, he knows, that it makes him look good. He knows it helps sales. He knows he’s packing on board all those gung-ho, blow ’em up, I <3 America fans. Only, they don't. They think he's freaking God's gift to country music, or something. But this isn't really about him. This is about all those fans of his and people like them who are off lecturing about America the beautiful and how if we don't like it we can leave, yadda yadda yadda. If only it were so simple. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably sound quite Anti-American here but the truth of the matter is, I'm not. I just see the downfalls where others turn their cheek. While we have that freedom thing going on, it does have a cost and it's not just soldiers' lives. (and it's no secret that I don't think this whole "Iraqi Freedom" thing has anything to do with anyones' freedom). It has a monetary cost and it's the American people who are suffering it. I can name several of the larger problems which the country has and almost all of them have money at the root: health care, social security, the penal system, education, poverty, etc. So don't go sporting your "I <3 America" hat/coat/bumper sticker/what-have-you to me. I'll only think you an idiot because of it. If you can't step back and see what's wrong with this country, what right do you have to be doing that? If you're too blind or ignorant to see that the US is not perfect, I really don't think you have anything to contribute to the discussion. I don't want to see your false patriotism. I don't want you to lecture about giving honour where it's due, nor do I want to help you shut down a website which bashes soldiers (this violating of our freedom of speech is unconstitutional). I want you to shut the hell up until you can open your eyes. Then, you can tell me about your America the beautiful.

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