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Jun 29

Two by Two

Wednesday we went to the Wisconsins Dells, a tourist city about two hours south. We headed out to Robyn’s to meet up with people Wendy piked into Robyn’s car and I went with Ashley and Nate–who drives like a madman, so we made crazy good time even though we missed our exit.

We had season opener cards to get into many attractions free or super cheap, so we were going to mini golf, but I saw that one of the water parks also had mini golf and such, so we decided just to go there, instead. First, we took a bus tour of the Dells on the Wisconsin River, which had a few stops at places with views and concession stands. That took enough time that we headed to Noah’s Ark, which is billed as “America’s Largest Waterpark,” but I’m sure it really isn’t. We were going to do dry stuff like golfing first, but it turns out that the golf and other dry activities were all under construction. This makes me sad, because I had been looking forward to that more.

Even though I didn’t plan on getting in the water as I’m not a fan of it, we did decide to go on one ride. It looked fairly dry, but my shorts and tank got wet enough that I said “Fuck it!” and we wound up going on a few more rides, including one of those Splash Mountain-like coasters with the giant splash at the end. I wound up having a lot of fun; although, the walking was hard on me feet and I soon ditched my shoes for walking barefoot on the pavement, which was hotter and only slightly less painful.

We finished off at Uno’s, an “Italian” grill that had some pretty good noms. I had been hungry, but wasn’t by the time we got there,which made me sad. At dinner, I became ridiculously tired, and wound up heading home with Robyn while Ashley and Nate stayed to hang out with her cousin. On the way home, we had silly conversations fueled by geekery and lack of sleep.

Yesterday, I was incredibly tired, a little sunburned and so sore. No one else seems to be as sore as I am, but my legs definitely felt like lead. The bottom of my feet are still sore, of course, but I slept pretty well once I finally fell asleep. Even though I spent the entire day outside in the hot, hot sun, coming home to a humid bedroom was definitely much worse. Last night, I realized that my ankles are sunburned but not my legs. How does that work?

Robyn asked if I’d go to Wisconsin Dells next year. I can’t say “Yes” without hesitation. It’s the same thing with Wizard World Comic Con. I had fun, but it’s the type of thing that I just need time to recuperate from. Noah’s Ark was, luckily, free, and I didn’t spend a whole lot (besides being double charged at the concession stand, which I called and sorted out as soon as I realized), but I need long periods of down time, it seems. I’m not like people who can do things repeatedly.

Yesterday, Wendy and I headed over to Robyn’s to watch Sherlock with her friends. I’d heard plenty of good things about the show, and was planning on working. I wound up paying far more attention to the show than I expected. It was both witty and clever. Despite there being only three episodes in each season, it’s pretty good. We didn’t quite finish both seasons, but I’m looking forward to that eventually.

So, have you ever been to a water park? Does anyone out there hate the idea of swimming suits as much as I do? Do you look for bad tattoos on people when their clothes are off? Ever done anything that you weren’t excited about but wound up liking it anyway?

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