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Jan 06

Turn the Page

Apparently, Dez wants to read 25 books this year or did last year or whatever. I am such a horrible friend. I don’t pay enough attention. Anyway, when I saw this announcement I thought “That doesn’t seem like a lot of books” even though it’s slightly more than two per month and almost double what I read last year. I can count all the books I read, more or less, off the top of my head.

I’ve technically read 1.5 books this year so I’m on a roll. I’m finishing one that I started last month and I’ve got two more on my plate so I’m doing pretty well. Inevitably, I’ll slow down at some point as my life is taken over by MMOs or blogging but I hope to be slightly more consistent this year than last.

2 comments on “Turn the Page”

  1. Dez

    It’s how many I want to read this year. Last year I read 35 I think? But how many of those were meaningful? Not very many. Mostly they were manga or quick reference books, not a meaningful story or anything like that.

    While Goodreads is going to count any book I read toward that goal, I’m going to try to only count meaningful books. Plus, I just haven’t been reading near as much as I used to :(. The internet distracts me.

  2. I wanted to read 15 books last year and failed. I was doing well for the first half of the year and then I failed and read, like, none in the second half.

    You guys read a lot of books.

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