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Nov 12

Too much blogging?

I read a community type blog that has been putting out something like 5 entries a day. It’s entirely too overwhelming, difficult to keep up with and generally has become work to read. I try not to post more than one entry a day as that seems like a good amount to work with. It’s enough to keep it interesting but not so much that it swamps the visitor. Plus, after a while, you don’t have anything worthwhile to say so you just wind up posting a bunch of entries that aren’t reallly blog-worthy. I have Twitter for that kinda stuff.

Do you think you can blog too much? What is your limit?

One comment on “Too much blogging?”

  1. I personally limit myself to once a day and I try to post once a day. I think more than that is too much, although I don’t get upset at those who post twice per day (and I have done that in the past in certain circumstances). That’s my limit, though.

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