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Apr 18

Too Hot To Handle

On Sunday morning, as I was getting ready for work, the fire alarm went off. Everyone in the building had to exit the building while the fire department and a handful of other people showed up, checked the place out, decided it was fine and let us back in.

On Tuesday it happened again, only – this time – they asked for the residents of apartment 96 – our apartment. As it turns out, both times, the alarm that went off was the one in our apartment and it was apparently caused by me taking a shower which we thought was quite odd but I guess the detectors were pretty old (about as old as I am!) so they were replaced and hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

I got a lot of shit at work on Tuesday because by my supervisor and one of the managers lives in the same building as we do.

This was after a long weekend without the internet. It went down again and after contacting tech support and doing everything they said – all to no avail – they sent someone out on Monday who unhooked the router and plugged the modem directly in which was something I’d always done a hundred times. And it worked. He then proceeded to lecture me and treat me as though I couldn’t possibly know anything about computers because I have a vagina.

Today at work was hell. Not in the “Oh! Dealing with customers can be such a hassle” way but in the “Someone incorrectly entered something into the computer which caused a bunch of cashiers to rip off a bunch of customers unknowingly on top of call ins, stalled cars and every other possible stroke of bad lucky imaginable” type of way. My feet are killing me; I need new shoes. Come to think of it, I could use more pants, tops and socks, too.

I’m technically working a part time shift but it feels more like full time. There’s a lot less time for Rian and I and it really bothers me sometimes. I’d like to ask for less hours but I know we really don’t have enough staff there to work it out. If we did, the new girl (that’s me!) wouldn’t be working so much anyway.

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