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Dec 15


I’ve been doing some clean up ’round these parts. I’ve deleted a couple dozen pages and even more files that were unnecessary. I’m going to be consolidating some sections and re-organizing some of the content to highlight the focus of this site. As much as it is my blog, I have also always wanted it to be a resource and I’ve had some dated and unnecessary clutter that covered up some of the usefulness of the site. I’ve held on to some stuff for too long, mostly because it’s hard for me to let go of things I’ve worked so hard on, but what I want the site to be now isn’t the same as what it was and I’m excited to redefine it a bit.

There’s been some minor modifications to some pages. A typo here, a broken link there. I’ve gone through many of the pages of the site in the process and I’ve rediscovered things I’ve forgotten and perhaps a little bit about myself. I recently raided the Livejournal icons pages to upload a new avatar to Daydreamz, for example.

Anyway, it’s not exciting or anything but it feels good to dive back behind the scenes.

One comment on “Tidying”

  1. Dez

    I remember when every site you came across was a resource site of one kind or another. I miss those days.

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