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Sep 05

Tick Tock

We’re counting down the days, only 8 now, which are going more slowly than I would like but faster than the first 3 weeks we spent here. Ryan is back at work which keeps him away for about 15 hours a day. It will definitely be easier to spend time together once we are in our own apartment which is only 10 minutes or so from base.

We have had a chance to do some fun things recently, though. We went to The Incredible Pizza which is sort of like Chuck E Cheese but much bigger. Besides games and food they have a movie room, a 3D movie, mini golf, mini bowling and go karts. While it might have been intended for a slightly younger age group, it was a lot of fun. We mostly went to mini golf which was fun, even if it wasn’t 18 holes and I sucked. We found a bunch of tickets someone had abandoned, scarfed them up and wound up with enough tickets to get a stuffed Mickey Mouse prize. Woohoo!

Aside from that, though, life has been pretty quiet. My classes started this week and I’ve already done all my reading homework so I’m just watching too much reality TV, if you couldn’t tell from my other posts. Speaking of school, Samantha is in kindergarten now! Can you believe it? I didn’t think so! LOL

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