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Jun 28

This ‘n’ That

Holy spam, Batman. For some reason, recently, my domain inbox has been full of spam. 60 messages a day and even with the ones that Thunderbird does catch, a whole shitload still end up in my inbox and just the process of Thunderbird weeding out junk mail slows down the program – sometimes causing momentary lag. Bleh.

On another note, it’s hot. It’s not insanely hot outside, but the inside doesn’t know that. In an effort to stay cool, I’ve fans on and windows open – except that we really don’t have windows but crappy patio doors which, when open, allow bugs to come in. And Japanese bugs are gross. Really gross.

My little sister is adorable. A-freaking-dorable. And dorky. On the phone the other day she informed me of several things:

Samantha: Cole, I’m going to sell your cat.
Me: What?!
Samantha: Just kidding. Hahaha… I’m going to hammer him with a hammer.
Me: You’re going to hammer him?!
Samantha: No, I love him.

And, later, when she thought I was hanging up on her (which she always thinks but I never do):

Samantha: Cole, are you playing tricks on me? Stop playing tricks on me.
Me: I’m not.
Samantha: Cause, if you are, I’m going to kill you.
Me: You’re going to kill me?!

Ah, out of the mouth of babes.

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