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Apr 14

This is how it happened

I flew out the morning of the 6th from Misawa to Tokyo Haneda. From there, I took a bus to Narita Airport and waited a few hours for my flight to Chicago. While there, I snooped around the many duty free shops and fell in love with a perfume which I think is Live by Jennifer Lopez but I’m not sure and I should have bought it.

flower of cole

I spotted a funny little sign at the food court about the “flower of cole” and so I snapped a picture. I imagine it was supposed to be broccoli. Anyway, in case you were wondering, I cost less than $10. d=

Lotus Flowers in Pond

I stopped at Narita’s Origami Museum which is in the airport and was simple amazed. The things people can do with paper are mind blowing. Every little detail was perfectly captured in the folds of paper. I took quite a few pictures, who wouldn’t?

My flight was pretty boring. The woman sitting next to me moved to a different seat so I had a little extra room which was nice. I was rather tired but my attempts at sleep were thwarted by two men sitting behind me who had their lights on to read. Of course, when I finally give up on sleep they decide to turn off the lights. Figures.

Artwork in Narita Airport

Everything went well until I was at O’hare. I ate at Chili’s and wandered around a bit before heading to my gate. It was probably my longest layover and I was super tired. I tried to read a bit but, after a while, my eyes just couldn’t do it anymore. Then, they began pushing back the flight. First half and hour, then another 30 minutes so on and so forth until finally it was over 2 hours late. I was a bit anxious ebcause CWA is a small airport and I knew if they pushed it back too long, it would be canceled. Luckily it wasn’t and I arrived in Wausau around 11 after being in transit for over 24 hours. I was greeted promptly by Samantha who is much bigger than I recall but still cute!

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  1. Wow the origami is so amazing! I wish I could do something like that.

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