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Oct 20

This is Halloween!

Over the past week or so Ryan and I have hit up a multitude of stores including Walmart, Target, Michaels, Yankee Candle and Carlton Cards for Halloween decorations. Thus far, I have been several disappointed about the variety of items. We most bought indoor candle stuff and while it’s all really cool, I haven’t seen a lot of non-candle decor that’s worth a damn. However, we did invest in some fun gel window clings, a little gargoyle we put out front and a decoration for outside our door.

I wonder if this year is just a bad year for Halloween? A few years ago I reveled in the treasures I found at Wal-mart; I don’t even know if I bought anything elsewhere. Unfortunately, those items are stored at my mother’s house and probably will be for some time yet so I don’t have access.

Maybe I am just too picky? Generally, I am looking for decorations which are elegant and gothy – not gorey and cheap. I especially don’t like a lot of animated and noisy stuff. I just find it so tacky. While I enjoy lighted decor, much of it is just so hokey. I just want something dark and beautiful. If I could use something all year that, that would be even better.

Maybe next year will be better? I guess I can’t really complain. Halloween shopping was non-existant in Japan.

2 comments on “This is Halloween!”

  1. Wow, I haven’t been here in a long time. Anyway, I’m hitting my blogroll today… just to wade in feet back into the blogosphere.

    Halloween. I haven’t prepared for it yet… not sure if I’ll actually buy a costume this year. Nothing on the horizon yet – in terms of party invites. I’ll probably just do what I did last year… hand out candies and eat most of them… LOL.

  2. I haven’t gone shopping for Halloween because I’m not doing anything for it this year… :) It’s kinda a ‘leave it’ holiday this year.

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