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Mar 16

This and That

Hellbilly DeluxeTonight I was reminded just how much I love Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe. In fact, there was a time when I was around 14 or so that it was pretty much all I listened to, day and night. I loved it. And after the friendly reminder about how much I love this CD, I popped it in tonight and continued to enjoy it some more, that is, until my batteries died. )=

While listening to such glorious audio stimulation, I tweaked a few things on the site. For starters, I added a page that explains just what the point of a personal website is, but that is not all. I’ve continued adding breadcrumbs to the content section and some things were moved around so if you notice anything amiss, please let me know.

While updating that section, I noticed a few things which were sorely lacking updates such as the poll and guess and win pages, which have all been updated now.

For some less than stellar news, I need to replace both my CD-rom and my CD-RW drives which probably won’t happen, to be honest with you. I have a small tower case (or so says Fred the computer guy) for my computer which is due to the fact that HP decided to go with this “minitower” scheme for the model of my computer. It looks pretty neat; in fact, I’ve always been a little proud at how well my computer parts match and have made a conscious effort to buy matching accessories, such as my wireless mouse.

Anyway, to replace either (or both) of my drives I’m pretty sure I’d have to take off the “doors” (click to see an almost identical product) which hide both openings and let the new drive stick out from the front which would be most unbecoming.

So, that’s it. Yup, you have it. I will be miserable for beauty. It’s the price I must pay, the sacrifice I must make. The path I must travel. The self.. What? Oh, yes. Anyway.

Let me tell you a bit about the, er, disappointing performance of both of these pieces of hardware. After I received my PC back with its new power supply from Fred the computer guy, I noticed that I could not burn CDs which sucked, big time. I had purchased CDs solely for the fact that I was going to burn all my stuff to them. Didn’t happen.

However, I was still able to play CDs from the CD-RW drive which is better than nothing, I guess, if you’re the type of person who needs 2 drives to play CDs. You know, maybe if I had multiple personalities and I could turn them both on and have each use only 1 ear then, sure.. great, 2 drives which can only play music would be awesome! But, y’know what? I don’t. So this is not awesome.

Today, I go to rip a CD which, may I mention, Rian has done successfully since the return of my precious piece of junk machine. Guess what?! It doesn’t work. I bet you didn’t see that coming, huh? Neither drive will work. The CD-RW drive doesn’t recognize the CD at all and while the CD-ROM recognizes it, when I try to rip the CD, it makes a sound uncannily similar to an asthmatic elephant with a respiratory infection trying to breathe through a straw. It literally sounds like it’s wheezing.

So, I take out the CD which doesn’t seem to have suffered any damage and I try it again. I know, I know. Bad idea right? Luckily, nothing any worse happens; it only does the same but I am still unsatisfied.

Currently, I cannot open either of those drives either by pressing the buttons on the tower or the button on my keyboard for the CD-RW drive so I can’t even check and see if the problem may be with the CD I’m trying to rip (Rob Thomas, Something to Be…).

This is rather depressing because I had planned on not investing in a new computer but just upgrading this one (DVD drive(s), adding RAM, perhaps more space, etc) so it would last me quite a lot longer but it looks like I will have to retire this and sooner than preferable. Of course, this also doesn’t work in Rian’s favour because when that time comes, we will need to buy a brand new computer package so that everything matches. -smirks-

Are you still there? Good. Here’s a treat for you for sticking with me this far.

Reeses Pieces Easter Pastel Eggs

I’ve been munching on these candies for the past day or so and while I must admit that I love Reeses Pieces, these just don’t do the trick. They don’t taste like the original at all. They’re not very peanut butter-y, in my opinion. How rude of me to offer you bad candy. -w- That’s Cole for ya.

Lately, I’ve been browsing the internet for things I would like but probably wouldn’t buy even if I were a millionaire because I get some sick sort of sense of satisfaction out of denying myself pleasures in life, even if I don’t need to. You can browse all these things and perhaps purchase some of them for me at my TheThingsIWant wishlist. If you haven’t heard of this website, you should check it out. You can add anything on the internet to a wishlist, rather than having several separate wishlists.

I did, however, purchase two things (which are still listed there) for myself: a cute bra and panty set from FigLeaves. I’m quite excited for it to arrive! I should think Rian would also be appreciate. >_>

Anyway, with that I shall go to tweak some behind-the-scenes functions of the site and try to acquire the music I was able to oh-so-successfully rip from my CD.

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