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Mar 23

Things you don’t know about Cole

While I am not a big fan of sports, I did once wear a football jersey to school in middle school. d= It was A Troy Aikman jersey which belonged to a friend of mine. I didn’t really care about either him, the Cowboys or football in general but I was something of a tomboy back then.

I hate the way I laugh. I do not like the way it sounds or how my body moves but.. I love to laugh and that wins out over the dislike of my odd laughter.

I like pink, the colour. I don’t walk around in all pink but I like it as an accent and several pieces of clothing and/or shoes I own do contain some pink.

I am compassionate. Not all the time but I really have a soft spot for people who are good and deserving. Extreme Home Makeover makes me cry all the time because of this.

I swallow pills weird. I could never swallow them when I was younger so, after years of headaches, I finally learned to shove them down my throat so they’re already swallowed. It’s not really pretty to look at. LOL But it works and I don’t even need to drink water.

Even when I don’t want to be, I am something of a romantic. fairy tales and true love and forever and ever, amen. Sometimes it clashes with the reality of my life but it’s a strong drive nonetheless.

I am incredibly in favour of the phrase “Yes Ma’am.”

My favourite letter of the alphabet is “A.”

2 comments on “Things you don’t know about Cole”

  1. Mmm, pink. I don’t wear it, except for the occasional hot pink top or hoodie with hot pink in it, but it’s great as an accent — especially in makeup!

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