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Dec 28

Things That Hurt My Hand Right Now

  • Typing this
  • Playing with a cat laser toy
  • Painting nails
  • Drying my hair
  • Doing pretty much anything else with my hand, despite the fact that I have work to do and blog posts I am inspired to write

This has not been a good hand week. Sigh.

2 comments on “Things That Hurt My Hand Right Now”

  1. Phone Calls
    Phone Calls

    i always loved
    the late night phone calls
    talking for hours
    even when you had work
    even when i had school
    surrounded by darkness
    and the sound of each others’ voices
    we’d often wake
    other people
    laughing and loving
    and living
    the way life was meant to be
    and sometimes youd fall asleep
    i’d listen to you breathe
    you’d wake up, and i’d know
    it was time to let you go
    even though neither of us wanted to hang up
    other times, you didn’t wake up at all
    and i’d wait a bit
    then whisper i love you
    before hanging up
    and i could feel your heart beating
    next to mine
    i was in heaven
    i always loved
    those late night phone calls

  2. A blast from the past. Thank you.

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