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Mar 03

There’s No Place Like Home?

Despite my strong urge to go home next month and continuous dreams of family and friends, there are a few places my soul longs to see before I lay me down to sleep forever.

The list includes (but may not be limited to)

  • Niagra Falls (but I won’t be going overing)
  • Italy (Venice and Rome maybe even the Vatican to both the pope!)
  • Germany, Austria (the motherland as Ashley calls it and it’s sidekick)
  • Phoenix, AZ (I know, right?)
  • Las Vegas (Ryan says I can’t sell myself but at least I can try to make some money)
  • Australia (Home of Nemo and many of Cole’s internet buddies)
  • Ireland/Scotland (Okay, any place with a cool accent is on my list)
  • Amsterdam (I just have to see the dirt first-hand)
  • Sweden (The birthplace of Ace of Base and many awesome bands d=)
  • Paris, France (I could almost think in the language at one point)
  • London, England (Rain, rain come to stay)
  • Russia (I can’t be Tsarina Cole the Terribly Great without stepping foot in my kingdom, can I?)
  • Alaska (If the great outdoors didn’t call to me before the Simpsons Movie, it does now!)
  • The east coast of the US (which hopefully will be a reality, soon!)

Most of these places are European countries or cities so I’ve long decided it would be perfect for me to take a tour of the continent, probably a castle viewing tour as that would be pretty awesome, no?

And after living abroad, the idea of traveling within the continental US seems to ridiculously easy that I’m sure I’ll knock all those destinations off my list lickety split, once I can.

Which leaves Australia as the most unlikely place I’ll ever visit. It’s a shame that I’m so close to it now and won’t be able to but reality sucks, eh?

So where would you go, had you the chance?

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