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Feb 05

There’s a Stye in My Eye

Sounds cooler than it is but more on that in a bit..

To begin, I know I’ve been something of a faineantwhen it comes to updating the non-blog portions of this site. I’m going to work on that in a moment. I did update my icon samples site, La Galerie yesterday with several pages of new samples.

I’ve also discovered and been playing with scripts for Paint Shop Pro. If you know of any sites which offer them as downloads, let me know. I was curious if anyone here, especially those who work with icons, might be interested in them. They’re pretty nifty and a bit more unique as visitor content (considering as so few sites seem to offer them). What do you think?

To the subject, I’ve been suffering with a stye below my left eye for a few days. I called in because it was so swollen and painful. I was planning to head into the ER because it seemed something that would be insuperable to deal with at home but I got lucky.

The first few days were annoying – I thought I’d simply scratched myself – but the incipient blemish only kept growing worse; the size and pressure kept increasing until it looked absolutely awful today. Ryan can attest that this cause me to be quite fractious over the weekend and I certainly had a yen to be rid of this companion as it was certainly inimical to me.

I was using a warm compress to speed the process along and I was finally able to fumlinate (though first it was rather pertinacious) and drain much of it to palliate my discomfort. (Though that didn’t feel too great). I’ve been complaining to Ryan about losing eyelashes (several of them!) but at least the pain if mostly gone although my eye still doesn’t look great.

One comment on “There’s a Stye in My Eye”

  1. well reading your blog is certainly a good way to widen my vocabulary! haha have you tried steaming your face to help the sty open up and release the bacteria? Get a bowl and fill it with hot water and put your face (or just the affected half) over the bowl for a while…like twenty minutes. thats what I was told to do by the doctor when I used to get stys quite frequently. hope it gets better soon!

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