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Aug 17

The Waiting Game

I want to be honest with you and I’m sure this will come as a shock to most if not all of you (;)) but.. I hate waiting. No, really. I’m super impatient. I have an incredibly difficult time distracting myself and I’m moody enough that having to wait for something, however insignificant, can ruin my entire day (or week or month or.. life).

There are several things I hate waiting for:

  • mail
  • deliveries
  • business hours
  • the pizza guy
  • good things (let’s get to the fun already!)
  • bad things (let’s just get it over with)
  • downloads
  • feature films (fuck previews)
  • the bathroom
  • planes, trains and automobiles
  • arriving at the destination
  • the cable box to switch dates
  • appointments
  • sunset/sunrise
  • cooperative weather
  • e-mails/IMs
  • return phone calls
  • Ebay auctions
  • paycheck deposits
  • the week to start
  • results from anything

The list goes on but I think it serves its purpose well – that is, the illustrate my hate for waiting. Thus it should be no surprise that I am sick of waiting for my husband. I want him home, already.

2 comments on “The Waiting Game”

  1. Haha I am the same way. I also hate waiting. I also hate waiting for new versions of things to be released.

  2. Oh yea! Bugs or updates or whatever? Fix it NOW! LOL

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