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Apr 10

The thing is..

If I blogged about my life on a more frequent basis, a lot of posts would be about how fucked up my sleeping schedule is. Last night, I woke up at around 6pm. It’s crazy, I know. I hate waking up that late. I hate waking up and it being dark or near dark, but it happens because it takes me so long to go to sleep. I get stuck on these schedules until, one day, I just decided to stay up as long as possible, and I eventually get back to schedule I like. Yet, it only seems to last a few days at most, and I go through the cycle all over again.

I suppose what I need to do is get on a schedule. It’d probably be best all around, but I hate the sound of an alarm. I hate waking up when I don’t have to, and that’s exactly what I’m thinking when I crawl back into bed. That I just want to enjoy my sleep because I can. And I’m certainly no good when I haven’t had enough sleep, and getting enough quality sleep is hard when the cats are so bothersome on a daily basis.

Ideally, I’d wake up at 11. I’d be up before noon, have a few hours to myself while the roommate napped and be able to hang out with people during the day. This would put me to bed sometime in the early morning hours.. except I need far more than 8 hours of sleep it seems, especially when it takes at least 3 to fall asleep.

Well, that’s enough of my first world problems. I suppose I’d down some Benadryl and try to sleep for a few hours.

One comment on “The thing is..”

  1. I hate bad sleep schedules. I hope you can get on some kind of sleep schedule soon!

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