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Jun 17

The Thing About Ziploc is..

is only works if you seal it. Glad food storage bags show this excellently; the zip turns colours after it’s sealed. We don’t have any colour changing magic in this household, nosirreebob. You see, this concept is completely lost on my husband. I don’t know if it’s too difficult for him (sorry, love) or if, because it’s a kitchen thing, it falls under the realm of “woman’s stuff” but he just doesn’t get it.

Anything we buy that comes in any sort of zip bag will only remain sealed under 2 conditions: 1) It has not yet been opened and 2) I seal it. Unless we somehow have unzipping gnomes in our pantry and fridge (which seems like a pretty serious problem to me!), Ryan just sucks as sealing these bags.

Cheese, chicken strips, tortillas, hot dogs and other snacks all remain open, as is. By the time I get to them, they’re stale, freezer burned, hard or otherwise not any good to eat. Of course, he sometimes “closes” these bags with clothes pins (much cheaper than chip clips, I guess, but totally not as effective) so I’d like to give him props for effort cause, you know, maybe I can still eat a tiny part of the food that’s protected from that. Not.

I am somehow more evolved? Does he have selective vision? Are his poor fingers somehow less equipped to handle this strange mechanism? These questions all pale in comparison to this “big one.”

Will he mend his ways once he sees I’ve brought to light this issue for the world to see?

Tune in next week, folks!

One comment on “The Thing About Ziploc is..”

  1. I vote you buy those bags with the zip that you only have to, like, drag that little ugly plastic thing across and it’s closed. It’s man-proof!

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