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Feb 05

The Strangest Thing Just Happened

I was painting my nails — trying to be patient because I wanted to layer two colors and both are tricky formulas — when my bra started to feel strange. The band felt like it wasn’t quite in the right position. I soon realized that my convertible strap had slipped its hook, and was loose. I was able to pull the strap right to the front.

Of course, I have — and had — wet nails. Taking off my shirt and bra to slip the hook back into the hole and put it all back on is going to fuck up my nails. I have no idea what to do, but I also am confused as to how this happened. I’ve had this bra for some months, and this has never happened before.

So strange.

2 comments on “The Strangest Thing Just Happened”

  1. Most convertible bras drive me batty for this very reason. I’ll be driving or in the middle of checking out at the grocery store, and BAM, a boob is all “freedoms!” because a strap gave way, lol.

    I hope you put your nails first. :D

  2. @Jenn: Well, it usually onlyhappens to be when putting it on. This was the first time while I was doing anything. I did wait but it didn’t matter. The polish I was using was kind of shitty. It still got dented and smudged — and when I went to bed three hours later, it only got worse. Tossed it. Boo.

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