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Feb 15

The Race is On!

I haven’t much discussed the election and presidental candidates here but I have been thinking about it and following it (although not as closely as I should). I made my decision to back Obama quite a while ago, for several reasons including his track record of accomlpishments despite his short time in office and young age.

Obama recently pulled ahead of Clinton in the race which gives me hope that he can be the Democratic candidate. The numbers were close, with Clinton leading my a small margin for most of the race and although Obama is now ahead, I don’t want to count my eggs before they hatch; he’s only ahead by a tiny margin.

I’m also excited because I received my absentee ballot last night. I was afraid I’d signed up too late because my local ballot arrived the other day by itself but it just took longer for my primary ballot.

I wonder how many people here have signed up for absentee ballots? Ryan hasn’t. Tsk.

2 comments on “The Race is On!”

  1. I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for Obama in the primary because I want someone with experience.

  2. Absentee vote… oh yeah, that’s right… You’re in Japan.

    IMO, people should never slack off exercising their right to vote… Since I became a voter, never missed one yet…

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